Promotion Terms

GoodGame will regularly and irregularly hold various promotions. Before you participate, you must fully agree to the following rules and abide by the following obligations:

1. You must already be a GoodGame member and must agree to our "GoodGame Terms of Service" to be eligible to participate in this event.

2. Event qualifications and rewards cannot be transferred.

3. The same account/family/domestic address/email address/phone number/payment account (such as debit/credit card account, etc.)/IP address/shared computer environment is limited to one discount.

4. The user who receives the bonus must log in from the physical IP address of the local machine during the completion of the corresponding bonus circulation activity. Anyone who hides the real identity of the customer and logs in using a VPN, proxy server or cloud server will be confiscated the bonus issued.

5. GoodGame has the right to unilaterally decide whether members use promotions to make abnormal or risk-free bets. Strictly monitor the behavior of members, and find any members who violate, deceive, or use the rules and terms to make illegal profits, GoodGame has the right to terminate members' login, suspend members' use of the website and confiscate bonuses and profits without special notice. .

6. If there is any change in the activity, GoodGame reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time.

7. When a member participates in this activity, GoodGame will agree to and abide by the relevant regulations such as the activity terms by default. If the user has any objection, he can apply to waive the qualification to participate in this activity.

8. GoodGame has the right to explain the bonus award matters and the rules and terms.

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